Localization allows you to reach many more markets. Whether it be print, websites, apps, software or our specialisation area – multimedia, we can handle it all. For a % of the original cost of producing the source content, you can access millions more potential customers. Our services include:

  • Translation

  • Subtitling

  • Voice recording – synchronized (dubbing) or Wild (not synchronized to picture).

  • Video localization (which means changing text mixed into any graphics on the screen).

Localization example

Which Languages do we offer?

Being based in London we have access to Native speakers from all over the world. Almost our recordings are recorded in our studio, locally. This allows us to have a consistent sound with a multi-lingual project, consistent project setup and QA and if there are issues to fix (caused by ourselves or client script issues) we don’t have to go back through a slate of sub-contractors hoping they will be as focused and enthusiastic to change a word or sentence as quickly as we are.


We support all Europeans languages, Western and Eastern Europe. Languages from across Asia and the Middle East. South America, North America, the West Indies and the Pacific region. If the language exists on our small Planet Earth, we generally can provide it.

Don’t forget we cover English audio, USA, Canadian, Australian and other dialects for English spoken word recordings too!

We record trailers, marketing vids, dubbing for cable channels, videogames, E-learning, tutorial videos and on hold messages! If it has a voice in it, we like to think we can do it.

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