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English Language - 1: American English

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

For one language, there are many accents, regarding the country they are spoken. For example, English isn’t spoken the same way in the Uk, the US, India, Australia... Even inside of these countries: in the different Uk countries or Us states it is actually not spoken the same.

Here is an example of the different meanings for same words between the US and the Uk, and as you'll see, it can create great misunderstandings...


Buns Butt Cake Rolls

Pants Pants (trousers) Underwear

Football American football Football

Knock up Make sby pregnant Call on

Spunk Bravery Semen

Gas Petrol No liquid or solid

Khaki Green (army fatigues) Light beige colour

Knickers Knickerbockers Women’s underwear

Lemonade Non-fizzy fruit drink Soda

Grass Herb Herb/Informant

Z Zee Zed

These differences are really important to understand when you have to translate a script to or from English, you have to consider which English you are facing or aiming to use.


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