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French language - 2: Canadian French

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

For one language, there are many accents, regarding the country they are spoken. For example, French isn’t spoken the same way in France, Canada, Switzerland or Belgium….

If you listen to a Belgium and a Canadian french speaker, it won’t sound the same as a french speaker at all. Indeed, the Canadian accent is combined to the english as it is the main spoken language in Canada.

The way to speak in Canada:

They change "il" for "y" :

Il n’y a pas le temps. → Y'a pas le temps.

The "elle a" becomes a long “A”.

Elle n’a pas le temps. → A pas le temps.

The “A” becomes a “O”

Je ne serai pas là. → J’s’rai pô lô.

Some words are different:


Ice Cream / Glace / Crème glacée

Soccer / Football / Soccer

Sneakers / Baskets/Tennis / Espadrilles

Dinner / Dîner / Souper

Shopping (food) / Faire les courses / Faire l’épicerie

Car / Voiture / Char

Cold / Froid / Frette Plug / Brancher un appareil / Ploguer

CellPhone / Téléphone portable / Cellulaire

Argue / Dispute / Chicane

Joke / Blague / Joke

Mouth Kiss / Embrasser sur la bouche / Frencher

Some words have different translations depending of the country:

FRENCH FRANCE Translation CANADA Translation

Être en famille To be with family To be pregnant

Limonade Soda Limonade

Gaz Gas Petrol

Bec Beak Kiss

Gosses Children Testicles

Catin Lady of the night Doll

Écœurant Sickening Amazing

Fin Tiny Nice

That's why, when reading a french script, it won't correspond to a Canadian french one, and why when translating a script to french is different from translating it to Canadian french as well as choosing the right voice talent depending on where you wanna localise.


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