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Spanish Language - 1: Latin American Spanish

For one language, there are many accents, regarding the country they are spoken. For example, Spanish is spoken in countries of Latin America in a really different way than it’s spoken in Spain. The accents are different but also the words and their meanings!

Here is an example of the different meanings for same words between Spain and the Latin America, and as you'll see, it can create great misunderstandings...


Tomar To Take To Get drunk

Párate To Stop To Stand up

Regresar To Come back To Give back

Zapato Shoe Simple (Argentine), Ugly (Columbia), Gossip (Costa Rica), Joker (Peru)

Tinto Red Wine Strong coffee (Columbia)

Ligar To Flirt To Be sick (Cuba)

These differences are really important to understand when you have to translate a script to or from Spanish, you have to consider which Spanish you are facing or aiming to use to avoid misunderstandings.


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