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Why is dubbing a difficult process?

Dubbing is so much more than translating word-for-word the original dialogue from a video, a movie or a tv show. It is a complex and long process.

The first obstacle appears during the translation of the text. The translators have to make sure they understand the culture and the habits of the people for whom they are translating. For instance, some expressions make sense in a country but don’t in another. Some words exist in a language and not in another. If the translator doesn’t get the specifics of the foreign language or country, the translation can end up being wrong or bad. The team who translate the text must also do their best to match syllables so that lip movements can match.

The artist dubbing has to take into account the intention of the speaker so as to transmit the same emotions, adopt the same tone and take into account the breathing of the original actor. Dubbing is not about reading a translated text, it really is about interpreting it, it is about acting.

The recording team and the artists also have to make sure the audio matches the video. It is important that the voice artist pronounces the sentences when the lips of the original actor move. To facilitate that process, the translation team tries to make sentences in the new language with the same amount of syllabus than in the original dialogue.

We offer a range of services to do with dubbing:

For corporate work clients rarely want to pay for Syllable matching translations, and are happy with ‘phrase sync’ - where the start and end of sentence matches, but what happens in between is less locked. For creative work (tv shows, movies etc) we can offer syllable matching translations and a tighter sync. We also do ‘UN style’ which is where the original voice is heard, and then the new audio plays on top (with the original voice dropping in volume). This is used a lot in documentaries or news reports.

2002 Studios Media Ltd offers dubbing services among others. We can dub your video in the language of your choice but also subtitle it for instance. To discover all our services, contact us.

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