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For localization we are happy to work with scripts and content provided by yourself, but if you require your content to be translated we can provide a number of solutions to meet your budget. From authenticated/licensed translators to freelance solutions managed by ourselves.

Even if you have scripts or other translators, let us work with you to 'prep' the scripts so they are fit for purpose (especially important for jobs where audio must be synchronised with a moving image or actions on screen, such as in a tutorial).


For websites, apps or software we can either utilise engineers to go into your code, or simply work with excel or XML files provided by your own development teams.

With dubbing it is important to remember that often, if the source content is English, the new content will be 15-30% longer. This means that either the translation cannot be word for word (but instead aim to maintain meaning) or you will need to work with our video team to find a solution on the final output (perhaps slowing down the movie, or freezing certain frames).

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